Great Canadian Garage Sale

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Where: Lethbridge Exhibition Park

​When: Saturday – May 18, 2019 – 8:30am-3pm

Sellers: Setup: Friday – May 17th; 12pm-8pm; More Info
No Saturday setup – Replenish your items throughout the day

Booth Info: 10’x15’ (150 square feet) personal space. More Info

Admission:  $6 with a non-perishable food item donation to the Lethbridge Food Bank, or $8 without. Click here to see why there is a fee to shop at GCGS

Children 12 & Under: Free

Why is there an admission fee?

Keep in mind there are many expenses to host an event of this size and some of the more notable costs associated with organizing the GCGS include:

– Although great hosts and a good value, rental of the main Pavilion is a large expense that is absolutely necessary not just because of the huge indoor climate controlled space, but also because of all the amenities Lethbridge Exhibition Park has including FREE parking.

– Advertising: GCGS spends thousands of dollars on advertising through various mediums such as Radio, Flyers, Signs, and a huge Social Media campaign – all so the vendors and all of our attendees get the outcome they deserve.

– Free spaces for the Vendors, the public vendors pay nothing for their space to assure that spaces are filled and you get the maximum value for coming to the sale.

– Thousands of dollars’ worth of major prize giveaways every hour. The main reason for the prizes is to add value to for coming down and supporting the sale, the deals are already outstanding, but hey why not some free cool prizes too right?

– If you don’t bring a food item the Lethbridge Food Bank gets $2 from every door admission and you can donate more too. Anything over $6 of the admission is donated to the Lethbridge Food Bank

If there still isn’t enough value for you at this low of an admission price please consider the following:

– Without the fee we could not afford to do the GCGS, the outcome for the last sale for the Lethbridge Food Bank helped the organization collect over $1,600 and over 1,100 pounds of non-perishable food! That goes a long way to helping out a lot of people in our area Lethbridge. The Salvation Army made a considerable amount of money from their booths and received almost two full 5 ton trucks full of item donations from vendors! This sale will eclipse those outcomes! Thanks Lethbridge!

– If it’s strictly about math and the only thing that matters is the $8 or $6 dollar fee, forget the thousands of dollars in prizes, the tremendous value of your free gift bag full of savings you get at the door courtesy of the sponsors, the 50/50 draw to support the Charities, and forget about the 50+ garage sales under one roof then straight math works too. Consider…if you were to visit 10 private garage sales on a Saturday, how much would you spend on fuel? Certainly more than $8, plus you don’t see 80 garage sales, have perfect non-windy weather, no prizes, gift bags, bathrooms..etc.

– Also keep in perspective other cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and most other cities also have a parking fee on top of admission fees. Here in Lethbridge… Free Parking!

The Great Canadian Garage Sale is a Mega-Value!