Great Canadian Garage Sale & Expo

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Where: In the Massive Underground Parkade of New Horizon Mall – Calgary

​When: Saturday, August 27 & Sunday August 28, 2022. 8am – 3pm daily.

Sellers: For Saturday or both day vendors, setup is August 25th and 26th from 9am to 7pm. Setup for Sunday vendors is at August 27th from 5 to 9pm.
Please bring sheets to cover your items overnight. We will have live security on-site 24 hours a day for the duration of the event.
All vendors may replenish your booth throughout the days, but it will need to be brought in from outside by hand or cart.
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Booth Info (Your Selling Space): Full Booth: 306 square feet – 17 x 18 feet. Half Booth: 153 square feet
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Admission:  $7.00, or $6.00 with the donation of a non-perishable food item to the Airdrie Food Bank
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Children 12 & Under: Free

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Why is there a $7 admission fee?

Without the fee the GCGSX just wouldn’t exist.

– Unlike any other Event or Expo that has an entry fee, the Great Canadian Garage Sale & Expo and our Sponsors give away Thousands of dollars worth of major prizes! Not cheap giveaways – we’re talking about many big screen TVs, laptops, Home Theatre Systems, Nintendos, iPads, and much more, every single day, live! The deals are already outstanding, but hey why not some free cool prizes too right?

– There are many expenses to host an event of this size and some of the more notable costs associated with organizing the GCGSX including licenses, event insurance, employees, 24 hour security and advertising. GCGSX spends thousands of dollars on promoting our events so that the vendors and guests get the best possible experience.

– If there still isn’t enough value for you at this low of an admission price please consider the following:

– Without the fee the GCGSX just simply couldn’t happen. The last sale in Lethbridge, The Lethbridge Food Bank and the Interfaith Food Bank collected over $1,600 and over 1,100 pounds of non-perishable food! That went a long way to help out a lot of people in the Lethbridge area. The Salvation Army made a considerable amount of money from their booths and received almost two full 5 ton trucks full of item donations from vendors! This sale will eclipse those outcomes! Thanks Lethbridge!
Still think $7 is too much? You wont after you consider the following…. If it’s strictly about MATH and the only thing that matters is the $7.00 fee, forget the thousands of dollars in prizes, forget the benefit to the many Charities the GCGSX helps support, forget the many contests and competitions, forget the convenience of over 150 Garage Sales in one place indoors and perfect weather, lets just look at the MATH. Consider… how many Garage sales could you visit driving around town for $7? Maybe 4-5? Or if you have two people then how many could you visit for $14 in fuel? 10? Or if you have an amazingly good fuel mileage car possibly 20 garage sales? (you would run out of time in the day).
For $14 of fuel (two peoples fees) you could visit 20 maximum Garage Sales vs a small door fee to see 180 Garage Sales, have perfect weather, prizes, contests, entertainment, gift bags, bathrooms etc.

Thanks to the sponsors for their donations and contributions. Without their support the event costs would far exceed the admission coverage, making the event not possible.

The Great Canadian Garage Sale & Expo is a Mega-Value!