Vendor Terms and Conditions

When can I set up?
Initial setup is June 9th and 10th from 9am to 7pm. Setup for Sunday vendors is at June 11th from 5 to 9pm.
Please bring sheets to cover your items overnight. We will have live security on-site 24 hours a day for the duration of the event.
All vendors may replenish your booth throughout the days, but it will need to be brought in from outside by hand or cart.

Can I cancel?
Yes, you may cancel at any time, however all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can I bring my own tables, or do I rent them?
Yes – you can bring your own tables. You can also rent tables from us. To see a complete list of all booth options, please check the GCGSX Extras.

What is the Move-in and Setup Process?
Extremely convenient, you can drive right up to your reserved Garage Sale space to set up and then drive out! More detailed information will be sent to you along with your confirmation after reserving your spot.

What can I sell?
You can sell most items that you would typically sell at a home garage sale. The events booths (selling area) is very large, over 300 sq ft – bring your furniture, household items, electronics, toys, clothing, shoes, collectibles, sports memorabilia and equipment, jewelry, man cave stuff, art, purses, new items, vintage, antiques, primitives, car parts, baby equipment, home décor,

What can’t I sell?
Food & beverage sales, mattresses, pornography, flammable gasses / liquids / solids, guns, firearms, ammunition, and drug paraphernalia are not allowed. Knives must be pre-approved.

Vendor Rights
In the event of a disagreement at any level the management of GCGSX has the right to refuse or cancel any and all agreements made between vendor and GCGSX whether made verbally, written, electronically, or otherwise. Deposits will not be returned in the event of a Vendor misleading, hiding facts, or outright lying about being a company or a regular flea market Vendor. The GCGSX spends a tremendous amount of time and money to make the event successful. The GCGSX attracts thousands or people to their events, not hundreds. The GCGSX Event and the booths are a privilege and not a right owed to any company or individual. GCGSX is about supporting the community, local Charities, and the less privileged in our area. That is one of the reason such effort is put forth to make the booth affordable for personal Garage Sale individuals. If you’re a business or professional flea market Vendor you will most likely still be able to take advantage of the GCGSX Marketing strategy to bring in customers because we offer a tremendous value to the people that come to the show, but you need to contact management to come to an agreement about booth fees. (Which will be very fair and reasonable). Please keep in mind the only thing of value GCGSX asks from our Vendors is that they donate what they feel comfortable with to The Salvation Army. The attitude expected by the people (Vendors) that represent the Great Canadian Garage Sale + Expo is of a kind, pleasant, and calm demeanour. The GCGSX will not tolerate rude and offensive behaviour towards other Vendors, customers, or management. GCGSX Management will however be reasonable and listen fully to both sides of a complaint before rendering any decisions. In kind GCGSX will also not tolerate unacceptable behaviour towards a Vendor. Please remember you are not only representing yourself, you’re also representing our sponsors, all the volunteers and Charities, the facility, and the Great Canadian Garage Sale + Expo.
We want everyone to have fun, sell lots, and have a positive experience!