Why host your Garage Sale with GCGS?

  • If your thinking of having a Garage Sale or trying to figure out how to organize your life and finally win back your Garage, basement, or guest room.
  • If your tired of paying storage fees and want to get rid of your Clutter.
  • If you don’t want the hassle of orginizing your own garage sale at home, advertising on local websites, making signs, putting up the signs all over your neighborhood and then taking them down.
  • If you worry about strangers coming to your personal home and encroaching on your privacy.
  • If your worried about going through all that effort to have anywhere from only 10-50 people come to your sale, then GCGS is for you!

You have none of those concerns hosting with GCGS, and thousands of people will be there with cash in hand to purchase your items!

The Great Canadian Garage Sale is the newest, safest, quickest, easiest, and without a question the best way to host your own Garage Sale!

The best part… its FREE!*

How it works

One booth per vendor, the second Booth is $50 and the reason for the $50 on the second booth is so that as many people as possible can have a booth.

We try to be as fair as possible. Professional vendors and businesses will pay a very reasonable $99 for their booth. Booth numbers and locations are random and assigned to assure fairness.

*smart people read the small print, there is no catch, its truly free for regular non-professional Vendors. Of course we require a $50 deposit to assure booked booths are filled, but as soon as your set up you get your full $50 returned to you. We require the deposit to make sure the people that book a space show up for the sale.