Why host your Garage Sale with GCGSX?

  • If you’re thinking of having a Garage Sale or trying to figure out how to organize your life and finally win back your garage, basement, or guest room.
  • If you’re tired of paying storage fees and want to get rid of your clutter.
  • If you don’t want the hassle of organizing your own garage sale at home, advertising on local websites, making signs, putting up the signs all over your neighborhood and then taking them down.
  • If you worry about strangers coming to your personal home and encroaching on your privacy.
  • If you’re worried about going through all that effort to have anywhere from only 10-50 people come to your sale, then GCGSX is for you!

You have none of those concerns hosting with GCGSX, and thousands of people will be there with cash in hand to purchase your items!

The Great Canadian Garage Sale + Expo is the newest, safest, quickest, easiest, and without a question the best way to host your own Garage Sale!

How it works

Genuine, REAL Garage Sale Vendors: Your booths are extremely affordable because we always want a sold out show with hundreds of tables of items for people to buy from! The price for your 10’x10’ (100sq ft) space is just $39.95 per Sale day!

The Great Canadian Garage Sale + Expo (GCGSX) wants everyone to host their Garage Sales with us every Spring and Fall – that’s why it’s so affordable! And as a Genuine Garage Sale Vendor you are also entered into all the door prize draws!

Attention Vendors that sell items at flea markets on a regular basis, businesses, and vendors that sell hand made or manufactured items regularly for profit: you are welcome to join the event also as long as you have quality goods that are are truly priced to liquidate. The GCGSX is about Value and people finding true bargains. Your eligibility to participate and pricing can be discussed by contacting us at info@gcexpo.ca . Be assured your pricing will be also very reasonable.