Why shop at the GCGSX?

True bargains!

You must be here to win!

If you’re a Garage Sale enthusiast, bargain hunter, Collector, treasure hunter, or just someone that likes to find great values, then the GCGSX (Great Canadian Garage Sale + Expo) is the place to shop!

The deals at GCGSX are truly value purchases because most of the Vendors are all regular people from the local area that are selling their own personal items. They don’t want to store their stuff anymore or rent storage space. They NEED to sell their items and don’t want to take much home with them. The Vendors are highly motivated.

The few businesses that are allowed to host at the event have to meet strict pricing criteria to be fortunate enough to have a Booth. The items that they are selling must be TRUE value priced items that are priced way below regular market values, their items must have legitimate liquidation style pricing.  

As many people know some of the most basic things you find at Garage Sales could be collectables, You may acquire a true treasure!

Here’s a few videos to get you excited about what you might find!



Be here early to get the best opportunities, stay late for when the vendors are the most motivated to sell.